Crisscut Diamonds - Find Out What’s So Special about Criss Cut Diamonds and How to Get One

Crisscut diamonds are relatively new step-cut diamonds. You won’t have a hard time finding these fancy cut diamonds because the difference between the crisscut and a normal emerald cut is striking.

The story behind criss cut diamonds

The crisscut diamond was the brainchild of Christopher Slowinski of Christopher Designs. Thanks to him, there is yet another excellent rendition of fancy cut diamonds that stand out and make great rings.

Crisscut diamonds are not as common as other fancy shaped diamonds though it enjoys its own popularity base. Since the crisscut shape is still under a patent held by Christopher Designs, you cannot get it anywhere else. But let’s not fail to mention that the rarity of these fancy shaped diamonds also make it rather expensive.

This is why when you go out to buy crisscut rings, make sure you are getting the genuine crisscut diamond designed by Slowinski.

How to recognize crisscut rings

You can recognize the crisscut diamonds based on the following criteria:

  • It has crisscrossed, triangular facets.
  • It is either rectangular or octagonal. The rectangular ones are commonly used in the jewelry scene, so you may be familiar with it already. The octagonal ones, on the other hand, are more often sold as solitaires.
  • It has 77 facets, which is more than the 44 facets of normal emerald cuts. Remember that the more facets there are, the more light is reflected.
  • The face tends to be whiter.
  • It is less shallow than the more common princess cut diamond.

Why choose crisscut over other fancy cut diamonds

The crisscut shape makes great rings and other jewels because of the brilliance. Why? Because the special crisscrossed pattern of the facets of crisscut diamonds are specifically designed to catch and reflect more light. So crisscut rings are even more radiant than regular emeralds.

The uniqueness of the crisscut also gives the diamond an added dimension that makes it more eye-catching. Amazing, fiery, and brilliant are just some of the adjectives often used to describe crisscut diamonds.

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