Buy Certified Diamonds and Get Your Money's Worth

Why should you buy certified diamonds? Better yet, why should you hassle yourself in looking for a jeweler than can provide you with a certification? There are a lot of reasons, and today you will discover each one of them.

The Essence of Certificated Diamonds

A diamond is considered to be one of the best stones. In fact, it has always been a girl's best friend. It is also a favorite heirloom and stones during weddings and other special occasions.

Because of its worth, you just cannot simply go for any ordinary diamond. You want to get the best. That is why you aim for certified diamonds.

When a diamond is certified, it means that it has been evaluated by credible gem laboratories in the world. We have Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and/or Gemological Institute Society (GIS).

These institutions will then generate grading reports and certificates that will inform you of the characteristics of the diamond. Thus, when a diamond is certified, you will know if it is going to be worth your money (based on its appraised value) or not. You can use the report to generate informed decisions.

You will also know if the jewelers you are dealing with are ethical or not. Here is the sad truth: not all jewelers will be completely honest with you. They are very much aware of the value of the diamond, and a number of them are willing to lie to scam their customers.

Certified diamonds therefore increase a buyer's confidence. You will not only rely on what the salesperson claims, but also on what the grading report tells you.

Get Diamonds Certified by Other Laboratories?

Now, you may ask, "Can the diamonds be certified by other laboratories besides GIA and GIS?" There are jewelry shops that do that.

The answer is yes. There are a lot of them today. However, these two institutions have been around for the longest time, have developed their own standards and procedures, and trusted by thousands of retailers and consumers all over the world. If you are presented with certificates other than from these two laboratories, you must ask for credentials of the laboratory.

You can also make your own research about it.

Buying Certified Diamonds Online

This is a tricky part. Do you know that it is a lot harder for you to purchase diamonds on the Internet? This is because there is a huge chance that everything that is claimed may not be entirely true.

Worse, you will never know about it, unless the stones are already delivered to you, and you can no longer run after the seller. They may be presented as GIA certified loose diamonds or wholesale certified diamonds, when they are not.

When you want to buy certified diamonds in the World Wide Web, here is what you should do first. Visit the website of GIA and AGS and verify the report. Enter the report number and the carat weight.

If it does not generate any result, it means that the report is fake.