Asscher Cut Diamonds - What You Need to Know About Asscher Cut Diamonds

Did you know that the asscher cut diamonds are considered as the ideal diamond cut for engagement rings? In fact, the asscher cut is now seen in movies and on some famous stars’ fingers. Thanks to Hollywood, the asscher diamond is quite the trendy diamond cut these days.

Sometimes, an asscher cut stands alone as a solitaire. At times, it is combined with other stones. Either way, the asscher cut tends to carry an extra flair.

How to recognize an assher shape?

  • The asscher shape is square, not rectangular. In fact, it is often called the Square Diamond or Square Emerald Cut.
  • The asscher diamond should have a high crown.
  • The table is usually small.
  • The step facet is usually large.
  • The pavilion should be deeper than standard.
  • The corners are deeply cropped. This makes the diamond look almost octagonal. The cropped corners are similar to those of emeralds.

Why asscher cut diamonds stand out among different cuts of diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds stand out because of its distinctive shape and attractive square patterns. Its shape lends it additional brilliance than other diamond cuts. The concentric pattern, on the other hand, catches more light. In short, asscher cut diamonds sure know how to attract attention.

How to pick out asscher cut engagement rings

Asscher cut engagement rings are quite eye-catching. It’s almost like having the ring make the big announcement for you. A lot of eyes will surely be led straight to the diamond itself. So if you are getting an asscher diamond, make sure your choice meets all these requirements since it’s going to be the center of attention.

Here’s the criteria:

  • The ideal ratio of the diamond’s length and width should be between 1.00 and 1.05.
  • The color should be at least G or H.
  • The ideal clarity should be VS2.
  • It should have a depth percentage that falls between 64% and 72%.
  • The table should be between 50% and 65%.
  • You would need a four-pronged setting.

The asscher diamond cut make a great cut for an engagement ring; they are designed to impress and attract. If you take note of the criteria above, your asscher cut diamonds will certainly create the awe-striking effect that the distinct asscher cut is really going for.