AGS Diamonds and the Process of Certification

What are certified diamonds or AGS diamonds? These are the stones that have been scrutinized by AGS Laboratories, one of the biggest and well-known laboratories in the world. This is an organization whose responsibility is to provide accurate, quick, and consistent report about a diamond grade.

The Process of Certification of Diamonds

Before we move on to the process of how AGS Laboratories grade diamonds, you should know that there are different diamond grading systems. One of them is GIA, or the Gemological Institute of America.

However, what sets AGS Laboratories apart from the latter is its emphasis on the value of the diamond cut. Its main goal is to make sure that consumers get the diamonds they deserve.

Now for the process, both of these laboratories focus on four important points, also known as the 4Cs. These are color, cut, clarity, and carat.

Color refers to the shade of the diamond. The value of the diamond can be affected by its color. The colorless diamonds are considered the rarest and are therefore the most expensive.

Cut, on the other hand, has the greatest effect on the quality of the diamond. The more brilliant (or the ability of the diamond to refract light) the diamond is, the more valuable it is. It also measures the skills of the cutter.

Clarity describes the possible inclusions of the diamonds. Sometimes these stones have blemishes or inclusions, and they can have a profound effect on their value.

Lastly, you have carat weight, which is the standard measurement of gems, including diamonds.

Buy Certified Diamonds Only

There are a lot of reasons why you should purchase only AGS diamonds. First, you know the real worth of the stones.

In case you do not know, there are a lot of jewelry sellers who are only after duping their customers. They would sell a cheaper diamond at a much higher price.

When a diamond is evaluated, it is given a grading report. You can ask for it to determine if you are paying the price that it is worth. A grading report will also increase the buyer's confidence.

It makes a jewelry shop more credible and worth trusting to consumers. You can also use the grading report when you want to sell your diamonds later on. It proves that what you have is real and can be worth several thousands of dollars when sold in the market.

Go for Independently Certified Diamonds

Buying non certified diamonds is definitely not a crime. A number of people do that, and there are jewelers who operate without any certifications or reports. There is also nothing wrong if you are going to buy diamonds bearing other laboratories’ certificates.

But for your peace of mind and security, get only GIA or AGS diamonds. The diamond, after all, can be one of the most valuable assets you will have in your life. You can pass it on to your future children, adore it on a wedding ring, or invest and earn something from it.