Diamond Guide - Basics of a Diamond

If you want to buy diamonds, then get a diamond guide. A lot of people love the idea of owning and investing in diamonds but few of them really know the A-Z of this gemstone.

Obviously because you will be spending a lot of money, if you are thinking of purchasing diamonds in any form, it is wise that you know exactly what it is that you should be looking for before you invest in anything. Different diamonds are of different qualities and standards so don’t let anyone take you for a ride; get the right education about diamonds beforehand.

A Diamond Guide And Certification

Certified diamonds are the only diamonds that a serious investor should consider buying. There are numerous diamond certification laboratories around the world with a correct and fair assessment of what your loose diamonds or jewelry items might be worth. This assessment is basically a report that states the unique properties of your gemstone or gemstones and tells you what its value is. There are some very well known certification laboratories that you can go to with the confidence that your gemstones will be given an accurate appraisal.

One of these laboratories includes the International Gemological Institute (INI). IGI certified diamonds get appraised on the basis of fours Cs, that is, cut, color, carat weight and clarity. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is another very reputable laboratory for assessing the worth of diamonds. GIA provides a very comprehensive report on any diamond that they are given to evaluate and their assessment is given a lot of weight by buyers and sellers all around the world. In fact diamonds passed by GIA often sell for more than they are worth simply because GIA gave them a seal of approval.

Diamond Guide and Knowing Your Cultured Diamonds

The concept of cultured diamonds is a relatively new one in the diamond industry but one that has gained immense popularity instantly. These are, in a nutshell, man made diamonds using a production method where crystals from a diamond seed are grown via very high temperatures and high pressure.

Cultured diamonds are identical to those that occur in nature. The advantage of cultured diamonds is that color can be easily added to them to make them even more beautiful and glorious than anything that can be found in nature; the fact is that pink or blue diamonds that are the result of nature’s work are beyond rare and consequently worth millions and millions of dollars. Not everyone can have access to such diamonds but with the concept of cultured diamonds, this has all changed.

Buying A Diamond and The Importance of Diamond Guide

If you want to make an impression on the girl you are going to ask to marry you then buy a diamond one carat jewelry piece like a ring or earrings. For a correct decision, use a diamond guide. Also, be sure that clarity of diamonds is of a high graded standard and approved by one of the known and respected institutes, preferably GIA or IGI. Then watch her mouth drop open when she sees what you are willing to spend on her.

IGI Certified Diamonds: Deal with the Real Ones

IGI certified diamonds are those that have been assessed by the best gemologists in the world.

Diamond Clarity Chart: Understand the Value of Your Stone More

A diamond clarity chart can be useful to understand the value of your stone a lot better.

Expand Your Knowledge on Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds are those that have undergone certain processes to improve one of the essential characteristics and value of a diamond.

Knowing More about Ideal Cut Diamonds

What makes ideal cut diamonds? Discover how important a cut is in evaluating the value of the gemstone.

Diamond Color and What Makes It Special

Diamond color is brought about the passage of light into the stone’s facets. It can range from the colorless to vibrant hues.

Shapes of Diamonds: Fit the Stone to Your Style

There are plenty of shapes of diamonds to choose from. These include round brilliant, princess cut, pear shape, heart shape, and marquise shape.

Diamond Carat Measures the Size of the Diamond

Diamonds are measured through carat, which is equal to 0.2 grams. One needs to know more about it since carat can affect the price of the stone.

Fluorescence Diamonds and Their Value

Fluorescence diamonds are those that emit a certain kind of glow when exposed under UV light. They are usually priced higher than those that don’t give off anything.

Your Guide on How to Buy Diamonds

Every diamond consumer must know how to buy diamonds. This way, he or she will get the real value of his or her money.

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Diamonds Answered - Your Answers about Laboratory Laboratory Made Diamonds

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Diamond Clarity Ratings - The Truth Behind Diamond Clarity Grading

Diamond Clarity Guide - Diamond clarity ratings affect the value and price of a diamond. If you are buying a diamond, it is important for you to understand diamond clarity grading.

The Secret Facets of Star Shaped Diamonds and Star Shaped Jewellery

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Why Cultured Diamonds May Give Naturals a Run for Their Money

Buy Cultured Diamonds - You can definitely trust the cultured diamonds, as long as you can buy them from the right seller.

AGS Diamonds and the Process of Certification

AGS Certified Diamonds - AGS diamonds are certified diamonds. This means that they have been scrutinized and graded according to 4 Cs.

Buy Certified Diamonds and Get Your Money's Worth

Buy Certified Diamonds Online - There are a number of reasons why you should buy certified diamonds. One of these is that it protects you from being scammed by unscrupulous jewelers.